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Areas of application of Tyl-Bot

Ingenieur am Arbeitsplatz

Customer Self Service 

Customers can provide themselves with important information about your products. Tyl-Bot® is available 24/7.


Customer Service

Tyl-Bot® empowers your product support staff with lightning-fast research and access to your knowledge base. This means: information security through the use of general and official company knowledge. New employees can also become productive more quickly.

Arbeiter in Maschinenhalle

Internal Support Tool

Tyl-Bot® helps in special situations that differ from everyday life. Employees can provide themselves with information independently. This enables smooth operational processes.


Education / Training

Use Tyl-Bot® to check the learning level of your employees. Ideal for supplementing lessons.



Tyl-Bot® supports your teams with quick access to domain knowledge. Knowledge silos are broken down. Employees become more independent of knowledge providers. Employees relieve one another and stay in the flow.

der neue Mitarbeiter wird begrüßt


Tyl-Bot® provides your new employees with all information about the company, structures and processes during onboarding. Colleagues are relieved.

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