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The core features of Tyl-Bot.

This is how Tyl-Bot differs from other solutions.

Quality assured answers

Artificial intelligence in high fidelity

All trained documents go through an intensive quality assurance process. This ensures that the answers provided match the contents of the source documents. We call this AI HiFi.

AI custom knowledge bots must be trustworthy

It's not just about an AI bot finding an answer and, if possible, outputting it in natural language. The user wants to be sure that the answer corresponds to the truth, according to the knowledge acquired. This is the only way he can develop trust in the application.

AI high fidelity is the goal

We call this AI-High-Fidelity, AI-HiFi for short, meaning “high fidelity”. To achieve this, we have developed a multi-stage quality assurance process that monitors the quality of the current system status. We can run this backup process for every change in the configuration, every change in the trained knowledge base or every change in the software version. This is how we come to an overall statement about the system quality.

Measuring system quality

Using a complex testing process, we can determine the quality of the entire system and the quality of the underlying levels. (We would be happy to explain details in a personal conversation.)

This allows us to:

  • monitoring the system quality with every change to the system
  • the representation of the current system quality on the user side
  • the constant improvement of the automated training steps

Importance for the user

  • Trustworthiness assessment (“How much do I believe what the AI bot just answered me?”)
  • Transparency about the current performance of the AI bot
  • Assess the need to consult additional sources
Sources (Ground Truth)

Display of knowledge sources

At the push of a button, the documents in which the answers were found are displayed. The highlight function marks the exact location of the relevant content.

Individuelle Features

Functionality you really need.

We provide you with exactly the functionality you need. We integrate Tyl-Bot into your environment.

We work according to the principles of agile software development.

Other features of Tyl-Bot

Behütetes Wissen
other features

100% control

You decide who has access to your company knowledge.
You determine what information is available.
Tyl-Bot® does not access the Internet, but only knows trained information.

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other features

98% time savings

Knowledge alone is not worth much if it is not found and used. That's why speed is so important.
With Tyl-Bot® you save up to 98% time when finding information in, for example, large PDF collections or on the intranet.

other features

Your data, protected

Operation possible in the cloud or on your own hardware. Decide on the operating variant you require.



What is an AI Custom Knowledge Bot?

An AI custom knowledge bot is a service based on artificial intelligence that has been trained with its own proprietary content (e.g. company knowledge).

How high are the costs?

Please arrange a consultation appointment to receive a tailor-made offer. The use always depends very individually on the customer situation, so no flat-rate costs can be specified.

What is the pricing model?

The pricing model usually consists of an initial and a monthly recurring portion. The initial portion includes the provision of the service, the recurring portion includes the use of the service.

What operating variants are there?

OpenAI® Cloud Operation of the AI model in the OpenAI® Cloud. Fast deployment and latest AI technology.

On-Premise Using your own hardware to run the OpenAI® AI model. Data security according to your company standards.

Microsoft® Azure® Cloud Operating the OpenAI® AI model in the Microsoft® Cloud. Consideration of EU standards regarding data security.

What features are offered, among others?

User interface

  • Chat Widget Allows you to have a conversation with the bot via a chat widget.
  • Web user interface Question and answer fields are displayed on a website. Using our API possible.


  • Missing Content Reporting (MCR) Sends a message to a defined group of recipients if a question could not be answered. Helpful for identifying and closing knowledge gaps in the source documents.
  • Reports Receive a monthly list of conversations held.
  • User Feedback Allows the user to rate the answer given. Supports the quality assurance of your source documents.

Target group specific

  • Level of Detail Determine the level of detail and length of an answer without having to revise the source documents.
  • Salutations “Formal” or “Informal” are possible, as well as different language styles.


  • Multilingualism Offer your information in multiple languages without having to translate the source documents.
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