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Advantages of Tyl-Bot®


Increased value of the knowledge base

The calculation is simple: the more often your knowledge base is used, the more valuable it becomes.
However, knowledge alone is not worth much if it is not used. With Tyl-Bot® you get a new way to access your knowledge collection.


more informed decisions

Employees use the solid, general and official knowledge base for their day-to-day work. Fast availability is the prerequisite here.


new USPs

Tyl-Bot® enables new and innovative differentiation for your company. For example, use Tyl-Bot® as an alternative to a chat bot on your website or as an ambassador for your offer.


higher productivity

Tyl-Bot® makes your employees more efficient because Tyl-Bot® saves time. Information is found more quickly. Endless searches on the intranet and lengthy phone calls are a thing of the past.

Frau präsentiert Analyseergebnisse

more precise analyses

Use Tyl-Bots® analytics to identify spikes in requests. Optimize your personnel deployment planning. Discover gaps in your documentation.

Würfel mit Fragezeichen und Lampe

expanded level of knowledge

Identify knowledge gaps through Tyl-Bots® communication protocols. Respond to inquiry trends and topics. Expand your knowledge base in a targeted manner.

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