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Wissen in der Antike

Use your greatest treasure!

Your greatest treasure is your knowledge, but only Tyl-Bot® makes it truly usable.

What is Tyl-Bot?

Our product is for organizations that want to make better use of their knowledge base.

It is an AI custom knowledge bot that outputs the contents of document collections.
Unlike other solutions, our product offers quality-assured answers, source representation and customized features.

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Thanks to all the friends of Tyl-Bot at HM24!

We had a great time and made lots of promising contacts with other exhibitors and visitors.

See you all again next year!


Tyl-Bot® increases the value of your knowledge base.
Tyl-Bot® makes you more productive.
Tyl-Bot® makes you better.

die Knowledge Base
Tyl-Bot ist eine wirkliche Erleichterung.
Tyl-Bot ist einfach zu bedienen
Die Arbeit mit Tyl-Bot ist einfach.

As easy to use as a search engine.

You ask your question in the text field - Tyl-Bot® gives the answer - Done!

Most important features

Quality assured answers

Source representation

Individual features

Tyl-Bot unterstützt Teams und Abteilungen.
sieger im wettbewerb
Tyl-Bot hilft im Kundendienst
Areas of application

Customer service

Education and training

Internal support

HR, etc.

Advantages and Opportunities

Tyl-Bot® supports company goals and opens up new opportunities.

Tyl-Bot® leads to increased productivity. It helps your employees make better decisions. Tyl-Bot® enables new USPs to stand out from your competition. Tyl-Bot® becomes part of your knowledge management.

neue USPs

Customer Opinions

"Despite our accessible knowledge base, we have a high volume of support requests. Tyl-Bot helps us fulfill our service promise faster and cheaper."

“With Tyl-Bot we can offer our customers faster access to our knowledge base. ”

“We used to employ working students during peak seasons and had to train them again and again. Now we can let Tyl-Bot answer the most common questions.”

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